Automotive Air Pollution, Global Warming, Fuel Economy

Publish on June 16, 2017     Source: Missoulian

Irony: Crying about pollution, poor mileage, and warming while subsidizing the sources

There has been much ado in the “news” lately about automotive air pollution, global warming, and fuel economy. The evidence seems to indicate that America likes air pollution, global warming, and wasting trillions of dollars on gasoline and diesel. The auto industry is happy selling wasteful polluting internal combustion automobiles. The oil industry is happy to sell excessive amounts of expensive gasoline and diesel for internal combustion engines. Our United States Congress wants to keep these industries happy. Congress created the Department of Energy as surrogate partly to protect status quo. The record shows that the Department of Energy killed steam engine development in 1977. In 1976 it had been recognized and shown that clean, efficient, advanced steam engines could be developed for automobiles as reported in the DOE publication, ERDA-77-54, “An Assessment of the Technology of Rankine Engines For Automobiles” and “S.A.E. Paper, 760342”.The DOE Report also stated “that some alternative to the internal combustion engine would have to be found.” Rankine engines are steam engines. The need is greater now than in the 1970’s.

Is our U. S. Congress truly serious about clean air, global warming, and fuel economy? If so, Congress needs to address this serious discrepancy and correct the direction America is going. Is Congress serious about clean air, global warming, and fuel economy, or more concerned with keeping the auto and oil industries happy at great expense to us and our environment? Real corrective action requires strong resolute fortitude from an authority higher than these industries. Such corrective action could also greatly help polluted Beijing as well as the rest of our suffering world. The sooner real change occurs the better for all the people of earth.

John A. Cozby

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