Air Pollution: These 4 Warrior Foods Will Protect Your Body From The Adverse Effects

Publish on November 09, 2022     Source: NDTV

Air pollution is nothing less than a public health hazard. With the air quality getting worse around Delhi-NCR, schools have been shut down and people are advised to take precautionary measures. Air pollution also causes health issues ranging from sore throat and irritation in the eyes to respiratory and even cardiac diseases. Therefore, it is all the more necessary to swear by a healthy and immunity-boosting diet. According to nutritionist Pooja Makhija, eating the right food items can prevent biological damage to the body. In an Instagram post, she mentions four warrior foods that will assist your body in fighting toxic pollutants.

Air Pollution: Add these foods to your diet to fight pollutants effectively

1. Broccoli

Include broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower, Pak Choy and cabbage in your diet. They contain a substance, sulforaphane which helps to eliminate benzene from the body. Benzene is one of the highest air pollutants. These vegetables are also rich in vitamin C and beta-carotene which will give a boost to your immunity.

2. Flax Seeds

They are high in phytoestrogen compounds as well as omega3. The nutritionist highlights that several studies have shown that flax seeds reduce allergic reactions in asthma patients, therefore, they also cut out the effect of smog. "Have two soaked tablespoons of flax seeds everyday," she adds.

3. Amla

It is at the front of the warrior list. Rich in vitamin C content, amla prevents cellular damage by environmental toxins. Include an amla in your glass of vegetable juice.

4. Curcumin

The last and the most active ingredient of turmeric, curcumin is essential to fight air pollution. Pooja Makhija suggests "a supplement of 500 milligrams of curcumin verses only adding haldi to your milk or water." According to the health expert, one requires "a high dose to prevent anti-inflammatory effect and prevent infection in lungs."

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