Tell us: how has air pollution affected your life?

Publish on July 16, 2018     Source: The Guardian

Air pollution is invisible, toxic and, according to the World Health Organisation, a global public health emergency. In the UK an estimated 40,000 premature deaths are caused by a combination of illegal levels of nitrogen dioxide, primarily from diesel traffic, and particulate matter, according to the Royal College of Physicians and the Royal college of Paediatrics and Child Health.

Across the country in schools, at workplaces and in hospitals air pollution is causing increasing concern as the human cost of toxic air starts to emerge. A recent Guardian investigation found that over 2,000 primary schools in the UK are situated in pollution hotspots.

Asthma sufferers, the elderly and children are most at risk from illegal levels of air pollution, but healthy individuals can suffer too. This month a leading expert linked the death of 9-year-old Ella Kissi-Debrah, from an acute asthma attack, directly to air pollution from the traffic thundering down the south circular in London near her home. Her mother is campaigning for an new inquest to cite air pollution as a cause of her daughter’s death in what would be a legal first.

Share your experiences

We would like to know how you or your family have been personally effected by air pollution in the UK, and to find out more about how you are taking action based on advice or on the situation where you are. Whether you live in an urban environment or otherwise, get in touch via the form below. A journalist may contact you to discuss further and we will feature some of your contributions in our reporting.

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