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Delhi-Fukuoka friendship key to combat air pollution: Arvind Kejriwal

Publish on January 16, 2018     Source: Indian Express

The Delhi government and Fukuoka Prefectural Government (FPG) signed a Friendship Agreement on Tuesday in Delhi with Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal noting that it allow the capital to “harness” potential in core areas, especially “environment and air pollution” – a “major issue of concern”.

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China met 2017 air quality targets

Publish on January 10, 2018     Source: Aljazeera

All 28 Chinese cities in a demanding winter anti-smog campaign met their air quality targets from October to December, but weather conditions could pose challenges in early 2018, the environment ministry said on Wednesday.

The 28 northern cities were ordered to cut concentrations

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Publish on January 10, 2018     Source: JSTOR Daily

Climate change, ozone depletion, and other environmental ills are widely discussed effects of air pollution. Less well-known, at least in the developed world, are the lethal short-term public health impacts of breathing polluted air. In fact, up to 6.5 million deaths globally every year ma

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Children worst-hit by fall in mercury and poor air quality

Publish on January 09, 2018     Source: Hindustan Times

City hospitals have seen an increase in the number of residents complaining of a mix of flu-related and respiratory complications over the past fortnight, since the chill started settling in the country’s Northern plains. The weather whammy on residents’ health was accentuated by poor air

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AIR POLLUTION: Traffic cops worst-hit

Publish on January 09, 2018     Source: The Himalayan

At around 2:00pm yesterday, a lady head constable of Traffic Police, who was on duty at Balkhu Chowk, made her way to a nearby hospital to wash her face after standing at one of the busiest and most polluted areas of Kathmandu Metropolis for five hours.

The area was engulfed in t

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