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Warning to motorists over air pollution

Publish on July 11, 2017     Source: New Bury Today

THE Newbury Friends of the Earth group encouraged motorists to turn off their engines while waiting at the Thatcham level crossing on Friday in a bid to ease pollution in the area.

The group opening a ‘clean air and no idling zone’ at the crossing follows a study by Newbury Frien

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Kids need clean air

Publish on July 10, 2017     Source: Green Peace

All across the country, kids are leading calls to clean our air. Children, parents, schools and nurseries are speaking out.

UK air pollution is now so bad it’s been called a public health emergency, and has been breaking legal safety limits every year since 2010.


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Poor air quality from Alamo Fire a big concern for people with breathing conditions

Publish on July 10, 2017     Source: KEYT

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - Smoke still fills the sky above the Santa Maria Valley five days since the start of the Alamo Fire.

Since exploding into the largest current fire in California, the blaze has burned nearly 29,000 acres and remains just 20 percent contained.

The fir

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New research suggests waste concrete may help reduce air pollution

Publish on July 09, 2017     Source: Hindustan Times

The researchers found that sulfur dioxide, a major contributor to air pollution, can be removed from the air by concrete surfaces.

Air pollution is the world’s single biggest environmental health risk. A new study may have just provided a roadmap to tackle the problem.

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Waste concrete may help curb air pollution: study

Publish on July 09, 2017     Source: Live Mint

New York: Concrete surfaces can help tackle air pollution as it absorbs sulphur dioxide—a major pollutant, scientists including one of Indian origin have found.

The strategy of using pollution causing material and turning it into an environmental solution could lead to new thinki

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