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152% rise in private vehicles chokes air quality in capital

Publish on August 07, 2017     Source: The Times of India

HYDERABAD: Environmentalists attribute the prime cause of the city's dwindling air quality to the abnormal growth of private vehicles. According to experts, the vehicle growth rate in Hyderabad and the neighbouring Rangareddy district has been high compared to other districts of the state

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Smoke eases in Pacific County but Air Quality Alert continues

Publish on August 06, 2017     Source: Chinook Observer

PENINSULA — Red air-quality warnings across the Evergreen state last week were “lighting up the map like a Christmas tree,” a state Department of Ecology blog post announced on Friday.

But, by Saturday afternoon, the thick wildfire smoke that had the region socked-in was lifting.

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Total car ban is the only way to beat air pollution in cities, expert warns

Publish on August 05, 2017     Source: Independent

The government must rid the UK's cities of cars to reduce dangerous levels of air pollution, according to a leading expert.

An influx of electric vehicles will not solve the toxic air crisis, which can only be beaten by ensuring there are "fewer cars, not just cleaner cars", Prof

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Air pollution issues require action from local authorities

Publish on August 05, 2017     Source: ZO

THE Richards Bay Clean Air Association (RBCAA) continues to provide excellent data relating to air quality in the city and surrounds and is also being well managed in terms of its financial standing.

These positives were shared at the Association’s 20th annual general meeting las

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Electric cars are not the answer to air pollution, says top UK adviser

Publish on August 04, 2017     Source: The Guardian

Cars must be driven out of cities to tackle the UK’s air pollution crisis, not just replaced with electric vehicles, according to the UK government’s top adviser.

Prof Frank Kelly said that while electric vehicles emit no exhaust fumes, they still produce large amounts of tiny po

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