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Daily dose of vitamin B can help you fight air pollution

Publish on March 15, 2017     Source: Hindustan Times

Taking a vitamin B supplement everyday can help mitigate the effects of the most dangerous type of air pollution, claims a new study.

Published on Monday, the research suggests that vitamin B supplement could potentially reduce the impact of the tiny particles on the human body,

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Woobi Play air-pollution mask is designed to appeal to children

Publish on March 14, 2017     Source: Dezeen

Danish studio Kilo Design has created a mask to protect and educate children living in areas with very high levels of air pollution.

The device, which was created for technology startup Airmotion Laboratories, is designed for kids aged six and older.

It's intended to be

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Air pollution is ‘force-feeding the natural world a diet of nutrient-rich junk food’, says Plantlife report

Publish on March 14, 2017     Source: Eastern Daily Press

Air pollution is not just harming human health, it is having a “devastating impact” on UK wildflowers and landscapes, conservation experts have warned.

Nitrogen emissions from transport, power stations, farming and industry in the form of nitrogen oxides and ammonia are deposited

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Air pollution reduces effectiveness of antibiotics

Publish on March 14, 2017     Source: Daily Nation

Air pollution, a new study shows, can alter the effectiveness of antibiotics and increase the risk of contracting bacterial diseases.

Specifically, bacteria that cause respiratory infections are directly affected by air pollution, which increases the possibility of infections and

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'Disturbing' rise in air pollution on city's busiest roads

Publish on March 14, 2017     Source: Salisbury Journal

AIR quality is getting worse on some of Salisbury's busiest roads, according to the latest figures.

London Road, Exeter Street, Wilton Road, South Western Road and Devizes Road have all registered rises in nitrogen dioxide, a chemical linked to early death.

Salisbury ar

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