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PM2.5 levels rising in proportion to stubble burning, finds Nasa study

Publish on May 13, 2018     Source: Times of India

NEW DELHI: A new study by Nasa scientists has concluded that there is a strong link between agricultural fires in Punjab and Haryana and PM2.5 levels in Delhi during the post-monsoon months of October and November.

PM2.5 concentrations in Delhi, which is downwind to Punjab and Ha

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Ahmedabad's New Air Quality Monitors Advance Public Health

Publish on May 12, 2018     Source: NRDC

One year ago, citizens of Ahmedabad, India had a limited grasp of the scale of the city’s air pollution levels, even though it is the world’s leading environmental health risk. Without credible data, the city government, which has been making great strides in protecting its seven million c

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Why we need to do something about who turned Delhi into a toxic city

Publish on May 11, 2018     Source: Daily O

In a recent report by the World Health Organization (WHO), it was found that of the 10 most-polluted cities in the world, nine spots were occupied, ignominiously, by Indian cities. Topping the list was Kanpur while Delhi ranked sixth.

Delhi’s position in the list does not come as

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PM2.5 in Mumbai in 2017 was six times the safe limit: SAFAR study

Publish on May 07, 2018     Source: Hindustan Times

The level of particulate matter (PM) 2.5 – a pollutant that can enter the lungs and cause health ailments – in the city in 2017 was 60µg/m3, six times the World Health Organization’s (WHO) permissible limit, according to a three-city pollution study.

WHO’s annual safe limit for P

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Mumbai Officials Say They Have Plan To Lose World's 4th Most Polluted Tag

Publish on May 06, 2018     Source: NDTV

MUMBAI: Mumbai ranks as the fourth most polluted mega city in the world, according to a recent World Health Organisation or WHO report, released on May 2. Maharashtra government officials however, have downplayed criticism of the city's handling of its pollution problem, saying that Mumba

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